Latest SR EXE version, please unzip and copy it into your "HTS-Spectroradiometer" directory. Test it in your environment. When all ok change your link name to this file.


Latest version
Added warning message plus print inhibit if ADC too high, means too much light
Save / Restore improved
Fixed erronous calib out of date message
Fixed date Format issue foreign countries
Fixed a small bug.
Corrected the Certificate Number: Please insert in SR-Control sheet in the field "Enter your Name" Your initial then a dot then your last Name, e.g.: F.Both no space, then it shows e.g. 20170504FBo1034 as certificate number. This is the date in front of your initials and the time behind the initials.

Made a warning field when Max ADC out of preferred range.
Made exe in a way that user can easily save load last data.

HTS Logo implemented, Comparison Page improved, Menue made easier, SPDs selective deletable, fixed a bug
exe File 6.8 MB
Main setup and installation Part
It creates a directory on your desktop and a link to the exe file.
And it also installs the virtual USB driver for the Spectroradiometer.
After installation of this and a basic test, please download and unpack the latest HTS-SR-FW33-..exe, unpack it, test it and then rename the link on your dekstop to show to this new exe.
exe File 6.5 MB
Universal Customer logo
Please copy this to the same Directory as your SR ..exe is.
Then you can Exchange this by your own logo
JPG Bild 8.9 KB

Changes made with this version:

  • SW improved a bit
  • fixed a bug showing false license key expired

Latest SOP


Spectroradiometer Standard Operating Procedure
Highlighted the Read SR data text
Extended a bit with a description of how to store/retrieve/print
Spectroradiometer Operating Manual SR73.
Microsoft Word Dokument 2.9 MB

Product Brochure

Spectroradiometer Product Brochure
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 458.2 KB
Lichtkabinenservice Spectral Flyer
kurze Beschreibung dieser Dienstleistung
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1.8 MB

Fachartikel Prof. Dr. Eilert Hamer, Mag. Fabienne Schweizer
Farbwahrnehmung und Farbkontrolle in der Lichtkabine
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1.1 MB

Kundeninfo generell und speziell

Kundeninfo für Lichtkabinenkalibration

Kundeninfo für Lichtkabinen Spekrtrummessung
Info für Lichtkabinen-2.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 3.6 MB

Kundeninfo für Lichtkabinenwartung

Kunden-Info für Lichtkabinenwartung.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 2.2 MB


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