UV A Light Meter

Light Measurement Equipment

Nowadays, cost efficient color measurement  systems work with three filters. These colorimeters match with the sensitivity of our eyes. Here you can see the limita-tions of these devices: The varia-bility and complexity of different kinds of lights are increasing. To get to sufficient results a measuring range of at least 320 - 700 nm as a spectrum and additional information than just CCT and CRI are required. With the new Spectroradiometer Color Brick 2.0 you get all of these.


With the printed spectrum you can easily compare lamp qualities and compatibilities, which is not possible with only CCT and CRI. 


Our equipment even measures the UV-A part of the light source. With the expansion module spectral curves are saved for your QS-Systems and current measurements can be compared with reference curves or with previous measurements – thanks to the graphical display deviations are recognized at a glance. The small and easy to handle device has a huge measuring range that covers most kind of lights in different industries. Users can calibrate light booth’, show rooms and work stations in textile, graphic or automobile industries. Light designers measure the perfect light to reproduce the same at all places, shops and buildings.

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